Why is this movie being made?

There is a shift in consciousness that is taking place right now. It is a shift away from what used to work in the past, or what used to be “good enough”. This shift in consciousness is causing people to rethink their entire lives–their relationships, their health, and their businesses.

People are fatigued by the chaotic pace of everyday life that leaves them feeling further and further from the peace of mind they crave. People are reconfiguring the very material notion of physical reality, and are moving toward things that would be described as spiritual.

Deepak Chopra and I, together, have been exploring the concept of “reality” for many years. We have brought together the world’s top thought and spiritual leaders to explore the concept of “The Reality of Truth”.

This movie will help you understand the difference between what our five senses tell us is real, and the reality that we are all capable of tapping into using our sixth sense.

Religions, businesses and governments would prefer us to stay with the status quo, but people are becoming more and more aware that they have the power to change the game.

We hope you enjoy, and join us in the conversation.